Hey guys, it’s been a while and for that I do apologise but I’m back with more than ever to say!

An interesting title considering I work in a gym. Even more so having 10 years’ experience behind me. So why the bizarre title? I believe the personal training culture has slowly become a world where the principles and values of trainers are no longer primarily focused on the client’s health and well being. The combination of; self-absorbed personalities, fixed mindsets, how attractive that individual is or their aesthetics determines success, lack of education and desire to up-skill has altered the direction of where this profession is going.

Which is the wrong way for me

Having fallen victim to some of the above issues, I found myself desperate to keep up with competition and unknowingly entered the high-pressure PT rat race where I have admittedly:

  • Bounced from craze to craze, without fully understand what I was doing.
  • Blamed my clients for not getting the results desired.
  • Developed the mentality that if my clients were not near death during or after each session that I wasn’t doing my job.
  • Used the good ol’ ‘before and after’ photos of myself or successfully transformed clients.
  • Portrayed myself a strength or fitness guru (cringing as I type this).
  • Hated on other successful trainers.
  • Feared being different.
  • Prioritised my self-worth and image.
Because this shows health!! 

Ugly list isn’t it?! What’s even more concerning is that I am not alone in all this; truth be told most of trainers I know and see today tend to do or have done the points above. These needless ego boosters seem to infect trainers’ mindset causing tunnel vision, forgetting about fundamental needs of the client.

A result of all this is personal trainers believe that success is largely determined by factors I feel are misguided and superficial. Not only that but the ease of how to get into this profession, the people and where I believe the future is heading is one I do not particularly like. Here are some examples of my biggest concerns:

  • The ability to become a trainer after only 6 months of training.
  • How good you look or shredded you are is an indication of your training abilities.
  • More focus on money and an easy lifestyle.
  • Having a massive social media following, which usually means putting photos of yourself either half naked or photos done by a professional photographer with some motivation quote ‘to help inspire people’ on their page.
  • Having your own clothing line.
  • Entering the PT of the year award where you can pay to be considered for an award without an actual nomination.
  • Where preventable medicine is not even considered.

I would like to clarify that not all trainers are like this and I have had the pleasure and honour of being truly inspired by some amazing individuals who are superb personal trainers. Unfortunately, the current fitness industry and the people in it tend to be more focused on aspects that I no longer believe in or want to be involved with.

Fortunately, my eyes were well and truly opened to this realisation by my awesome support crew, excellent mentors, and my amazingly understanding clients. Their guidance and some pretty frank conversations have steered me well away from my old destructive, self-absorbed personal training ways.

So, for these reasons (plus numerous others) I officially quit as a personal trainer and would like to introduce myself as a Functional health and wellness practitioner. My next blog will explain what I do in detail.


If the suspense is killing you and cannot wait to know about what I focus on or would like to book to a consultation with me, contact me by email at ben@justforthehealthofit.live


Thank you and Healthy regards