Centuries ago, our ancestors were 100% convinced the world was flat! Today we know that theory is absolutely ridiculous. As we have evolved, our understanding of the planet, its history and the human body has too. However, when it comes to nutrition and its effects on humans there is great deal of uncertainty. Nutrition is a grey area where I feel we are the guinea pigs of misinterpreted data, false propaganda and malpractice that is killing millions worldwide. My concern is how easily the food industry, government and pharmaceutical big-wigs abuse our trust allowing us to think we are being healthy, when in reality our health and wellbeing means shit to them. Money, power and shunning evidence will undoubtedly always be their primary focus.

I wonder, will future generations be puzzled or amused at how naïve/mislead we really were about the nutritional advice prescribed? Would it surprise me if they mocked our current food pyramid? No, it wouldn’t. Millions of us know that these ‘so called’ guidelines are bullshit. We laugh and mock our ancestor’s logic of a flat planet today, yet the irony is their lifestyle and nutritional habits were better than ours are today.

ancestors telling us off

For decades, conventional medical and nutritional authorities worldwide consistently preach that following the food pyramid protocol was the best way to optimise or maintain health. Initially in the 1940’s, during the Second World War, families were given food guidelines so they knew what do with their rations ensuring everyone was fed with wholefoods and saturated fats. Fast forward to 1972, when the first official food pyramid was released, which included the appearance of cereals, grains, bread, pasta or other starchy carbohydrates represented the base/bulk of the diet, with fats to be used sparingly, a lot different to the original food guidelines. So why the big change?

food industry and health

Where it all began!

The infamous seven countries study orchestrated by the late Ancel Keys, concluded that the best way to combat heart disease was to reduce our saturated fat intake. This unconvincing study somehow (unfortunately) sculpted the world’s nutritional guidelines, leading to governments demonising saturated fats, allowing the food industry passage to promote man-made ‘healthy wholesome’ products like sugars, vegetable oils and prosthetic foods! Upon further investigation the revelations and controversy surrounding this breakthrough make for an interesting read:

  • This is from his actual website: Keys collected data on deaths from coronary heart disease and fat consumption from 22 countries. Despite the fact that 22 countries provided statistics, Keys cherry-picked the data from the 7 countries which supported his theory that animal fat was the main cause of coronary heart disease in order to publicize his opinions. The results of what later became known as the “Seven Countries Study” appeared to show that serum cholesterol was strongly related to coronary heart disease mortality both at the population and at the individual level.

ancel keys graph

  • British Physiologist John Yudkin strongly disagreed with Mr. Keys theory and named sugar especially ‘fructose’ as the cause of heart disease, obesity, liver disease forms of cancer. Mr. Yudkin’s 1972 book “Pure White and Deadly” argued that saturated fats were harmless and man-made products like sugar were the devil. Shortly after the release of “Pure White and Deadly” a war between Mr. Keys and Mr. Yudkin theories commenced. Mr. Keys won the battle as government officials supported his work to the dismay of nutritional specialists that supported Mr. Yudkin’s theory. This unfortunate turn of events left Mr. Yudkin disgraced and discredited by numerous societies who claimed that he did not have enough data to make his claims about sugar relevant, unlike Mr. Keys who fabricated his data in order to be victorious!!


  • Ancel Keys spent around 28 years in Pioppi (southern Italy) the home of the Mediterranean diet. This lifestyle included a limited supply of man-made carbohydrates that mainly focused on saturated fats, healthy sources of protein an abundance of organic vegetables. Later in Mr. Key’s career he attempted to publish a study about the benefits of saturated fats and was refused by the leading educational boards.


Problem with food pyramid today

  • Medical influence dictates that dietary fats increase the risk of heart disease, they also suggest that we replace saturated fats found in meat or natural sources of fat such as olive oil, butter and coconut oil with highly unstable fats found in vegetable oils. Coincidentally, heart disease was virtually unheard of a mere 100 years ago now it’s a worldwide issue. Could it be that doctors’ don’t know what they are talking about?

doctors clueless

  • Carbohydrates are the foundation of current pyramid where 6-11 servings of bread, cereal, rice and pasta are recommended! The base of this food group is simple sugars, gluten, preservatives and refined flour (fake food). This food group has minimal benefit towards the body but encourages obesity, heart disease, gluten intolerance, insulin resistance (type 2 diabetes), depression, mental illnesses, leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, chronic inflammation, cancer, food sensitives and autoimmune diseases.


  • Fruit intake of 2 to 4 servings per day is a superb way to way your blood sugar level on rollercoaster causing havoc in the body.

fruit is still sugar.jpg

  • Dairy the overemphasis and quality. Calcium is important, yet the quality and quantity of ready available sources in vegetables and meats are better and contain fewer calories.


So what should the pyramid look like?

Although I’m not convinced that incorporating a generic food pyramid worldwide is the best option. I do strongly believe the current model is based on fabricated evidence supported by corrupt governments and uneducated health professionals that are primarily focused on the financial gains instead our well-being. If I had to design a pyramid mine would look like:



In my next blog I will explain why I believe this pyramid could be the answer for millions worldwide.

Healthy regards