Now, we know the most common hardships of healthy eating are finding the solutions of overcoming these are the next priority. Believe it or not some of the solutions are so basic you will kick yourself for not already knowing them. The list below is solutions and tips to eating healthy and improves your gut health enjoy:

  • Cooking schedule: I love to cook, so anyone I share a house with is a lucky person. However, I still need a day off and to solve this we have a cooking timetable with different chefs each night allowing everyone a few nights off.
weekly plan
My weekly eating plan with the food sensitivity results above
  • Variation in your foods: I change my menu every fortnight to introduce new recipes and food groups into my life. Something as simple as using different protein sources can dramatically change your meal, preventing boredom from occurring.
  • Organic foods: Try to include an abundance of fresh organic produce; pesticides build up from supermarket fruits and vegetables and can seriously harm your gut health so make sure you either get to the markets or find organic vegetable farms that deliver.
Market shops
Every Sunday morning = market shopping
  • Eat seasonally: Eating seasonally is your best way to include variation to your food. Eating the same food all year long will become expensive, boring or give you a food sensitivity so change it up.
  • Have a night off from cooking: Once a week I have been trying to eat out at restaurant for a number of reasons. The main ones are to socialise with friends and get out of the house. Becoming a prisoner in your home due to fear of eating something that is sensitive/bad for you is crazy, which will eventually creating a depressed like symptoms.
  • Try as many different foods as possible/colourful food: We are only on this planet for a small amount of time and there are sooooooo many different types of foods to enjoy. I try to eat something new every month, recently I experienced the joy of Jerusalem artichoke and wow they were amazing.
  • Make in bulk if possible and freeze: I tend to double or triple my recipes leaving leftovers for the lunch the next day or to freeze (less time in the kitchen).
Bulk cooking
My latest batch of soup should last at least a fortnight.
  • Meal schedule: I try my best to be as prepared as possible; one of my biggest pet peeves is beginning to make a meal and not having all the ingredients to make the meal. Make a meal plan for the week ahead and do your shopping on the weekend, making your weeknights a little easier. You could also order your food online, if want to be super-efficient.

Bonus health tips

  • Add fermented vegetables to every dish if possible. Begin with a small amount once a day eventually working up to including it every meal. This is a simple and awesome way to include healthy gut bacteria.
homemade fermented veggie
Homemade fermented beetroot and apple which tastes amazeballs!
  • Try to make homemade bone broths rather than mass produced. All you need is bones, filtered water, apple cider vinegar and a slow cooker.
homemade bonebroth
The hardest part of making bone broth going to shops and buying bones and apple cider vinegar!

I hope this helps and if anyone is wanting more information please do not hesitate to contact via my email address or drop me a message below.


Healthy regards