• How to combat leaky gut?

    You now know what leaky gut is, how it occurs and what are the symptoms. The million dollar question how to overcome leaky gut and achieve good health?

     I have spent 4 years attempting to achieve this outcome and I can safely say I am the closest I have ever been to overcoming this illness. This experience has not been without trials and tribulations via Dr. Google or health professionals methods that need to be questioned. Leaky gut is a relatively new diagnosis recognised in the medical world, meaning there are a lot of useless, and truth be told some, dangerous procedures. Before you decide an approach, consult a health professional or someone with expertise within this area! In saying that once you are diagnosed with Leaky gut, my advice would be to understand your condition, create a plan and actually keep to it.

    My plan of action (first 4 steps)

    Food sensitivity test: How are you going to sort out the problem if you do not know what’s causing it. My recent food sensitivity test showed that I was sensitive to the majority of night shade vegetables, nuts and eggs! No nutritionist or dietician could ever tell you that by looking at you, so use a reliable food sensitivity test (personally message me if you are keen for a good test). By eating foods that you are sensitive to, all your doing is allowing the vicious cycle that gave you leaky gut in the first place to continue. Once you have found out the foods that are causing the problem remove them for around 3 months, this gives your gut enough time to heal allowing the intestinal tract to return to its normal permeability eliminating the sensitivities.

    food test
    This is my actual latest food sensitivity results 
  • Probiotics and supplements: Ideally I would rather use food as my medicine, however drastic times calls for drastic measures. If you are low on good gut bacteria you are going to need good quality probiotics to help balance your gut out. Be careful about which products you use as there are a lot shit around, any doubt ask a health professional. I would also introduce fermented foods such as Kim chi or sauerkraut, these foods are full of natural probiotics that help to kill bad bacteria festering in your gut and help rebuild your stomach lining.

fermented foodsgood v bad bacteria

  • Healing foods/digestive enzymes: Since your intestinal tract and gut are in need of some TLC, one of the best things to introduce is healing foods and something that can help you digest food easier. Foods such as bone broth, ghee (clarified butter) and vegetables like onion, garlic and ginger, are all superb foods to use. I suggest that you try to use them as your base for a lot of your recipes. Make sure you rotate the types of broth you make (chicken, beef or fish), eating the type over and over again will most likely create a food sensitivity (variety is the spice of life people). Digestive enzymes are a critical tool in helping us break food down which is needed more than ever, if your gut is stressed out and not functioning correctly. Not only that it also helps to remove toxins, fix damaged cells and rebuild the mucosal lining. The healing foods and digestive enzymes both reduce inflammation that allows the gut to have much needed rest and time to rebuild.

Bone broth

  • Decrease stress: This goes without saying, being over stressed is what created this predicament so helping to reduce it is going to be useful to help you recover. Stress in no joke and comes at you at all angles, the sooner you understand this the better equip you will be in handling it. There will be another blog coming up that suggests key areas to focus on, understanding and reducing stress.

reducing stress

If anyone who is reading this feels like they need more assistance or has questions contact via email or a private message.