It wasn’t too hard to find out why I had developed Candida. The previous articles of my journey all show I had set myself up well to receiving this wonderful auto-immune disease. After feeling like shit for months, the only option was to endure a detox. The detox was designed specifically to starve the Candida, then bombard it with anti-fungals and finally restore my healthy gut flora, which results in optimal health. The naturopath told me that it should take around 3 months for all of this to disappear. Since the naturopath had been so helpful I also decided to buy her detox protocol and all the supplements she suggested. This was not cheap and was extreme. The night before I started the detox I decided to have my ‘last supper’ and stupidly binged on everything and anything, I know I’m a fucking genius!

The next 7 days were possibly the longest and most bizarre 7 days I have ever deliberately put myself through. To begin the day I had to take 5 laxatives with about a litre of water and some other disgusting drinks. To only repeat this cycle at night. The only food or drink to be consumed were:

  • Fresh fruit
  • Cayenne, Garlic, Ginger and herbs
  • Vegetable soups (home-made)
  • Diluted fruit juice
  • Vegetable juice
  • Unsweetened yoghurt
  • Herbal teas
  • Raw vegetables
  • Pure water

In hindsight I should have taken the week off work; I must have nearly shat myself about 20 times. There were moments when my clients were laughing at me sprinting to the toilet praying I hadn’t left it too late. Not only nearly shitting myself numerous times I felt like shit too. I was totally under prepared with my food planning and choices. I went from a diet of consuming around 3000 kcal to about 1500 kcal overnight. I was in such extreme pain, tired, hungry and felt useless; my clients were the ones trying to cheer me up during their sessions. Within a week I lost 7 kg, looked like crap and was very much over the detox.

Week by week I slowly reintroduced more and more foods and before I knew it, I was all set for my retest to see if I killed my Candida. Imagine my face when I got told that it was still there and had got stronger! I was pissed. How the hell could this have happened, I followed everything correctly to the point my Naturopath said she was confused about the situation.


After my consultation I decided to take the situation into my own hands and educate myself about this bloody disease and how to prepare a less dramatic detox. Straight away there was information that conflicted the detox protocol I experienced (amount of sugar consumed, the use of fermented foods, stress relieving techniques and probiotics). My attention was now focused on restoring gut health, Candida and other autoimmune diseases, and most importantly the relationship between mind, body and health.