The New Year begins (2013), motivation is high and I am ready to unleash the new me (yeah that annoying bullshit you see every year on Facebook). The party boy who once ruled the weekends was struggling to keep up appearances, the main reason being I couldn’t bear the thought of hangovers/comedowns and everything else aligned with late night partying. I was hoping my new change in direction would actually help me feel better……WRONG! For about 4 months I felt like death warmed up, some of the symptoms were amazing:

Insomnia                                                              Rashes

Gaining weight                                                  Bloating (very painful)

Digestive disorders (IBS)                                 Skin peeling from inside my mouth

Morning breathe (that could kill)                 Aches and pains all the time/cold and flu

Brain fog                                                           Attention span of a child

Eyes gritty and bloodshot                              Burning sensation in my gut

Unsteady emotionally                                   Feeling sick 24/7

Freezing cold all the time                              Dry skin and bad dandruff

Craving sugar                                                  Tired all the time


Me being me, I complained about it to everyone – the more people who knew my pain, the better! Did I want to do anything about it, hell no (apart from complain of course)! Eventually after months of nagging from my partner and close friends, I decided to visit my GP. Before I went to see my doctor some of my co- workers had suggested that I may have “leaky gut syndrome”. I’m famous for doing research so I decided to research into this and googled the symptoms (NEVER do this, as you will have the symptoms to every disease going). The feedback from my doctor was pretty insightful and so inspiring. You ready for this?  “…. do a fobmap diet (pretty much an elimination diet), get rest and take paracetamol” (as in the medicine that makes your stomach bleed). When asking him about Leaky gut and some of the other stuff I had looked up, he laughed and said “is this the new craze out at the moment?”

As you can imagine I wasn’t happy with that diagnosis and decided to look for further help. My workmate suggested that I should see a naturopath as they worked wonders for him and his wife and both felt amazing after 2 sessions. Not convinced, my partner and her mother kindly suggested (bullied me) that I should give it a go, so I went. I was pretty impressed with how knowledgeable she was about the symptoms I was going through and the illnesses others had mentioned. She recommended that I should send a hair sample for testing to see what was happening inside my gut, I was sold. 2 weeks later, I was back in her office and got the results handed to me. I was stunned!! I was intolerant to the majority of foods I was eating (both healthy and unhealthy). It also said I had Candida!!  What the hell is Candida I remember thinking.