“The pattern of disease or injury that affects any group of people is never a matter of chance. It is invariably the expression of stresses and strains to which they are exposed, a response to everything in their environment and behaviour” CALVIN WELLS, BONES, BODIES AND DISEASE


Imagine owning the most expensive car in the world, a car that cannot be replicated, one of a kind. One day while driving this amazing machine, a red light comes on the dashboard and the car begins making strange noises. The first thing you are likely to do is pull over to see if it’s ok. If you are still unsure about it you go to the mechanic to get it checked out. The mechanic tells you that the car’s engine is damaged and it needs some time off the road to function correctly. I guarantee everyone reading this would listen to the mechanic and find another way to get to work. So why don’t we do this with our bodies!

I mean, the human body is pretty close to the most perfect machine you will ever own – just look at our history to see why. Among the long list of its talents, the body and brain let us know when something isn’t right, it’s also kind enough to give you the answers. For example, if we do not eat or drink all day, we starve, our body craves energy, our stomach makes a noise and eventually we eat and drink. Unlike anything in the world, the human body has the magical ability to repair itself. All it asks is that we respect it and give it what it needs to build a harmonious relationship between body and mind.

The brain and the body’s main objective is to protect us from any harmful situations or stimulii. Whenever the body is put in a compromising position, it lets us know that something is not right (you eat meat that isn’t cooked correctly = food poisoning/ throw up and we learn from that mistake..hopefully). Not all messages are as clear as the examples I have chosen. It is on us to better understand our body in order to prevent needless stresses, resulting in preventable diseases and/or deaths.

Here is a list of just SOME of the symptoms and potential causes that I went through during my unhealthiest period:

  • Bloating and farting (that smelt horrific) = Stress within gut, detox method
  • Diarrhoea, constipation = Stress in gut, emotional distress
  • Muscle soreness and cramp = Body missing nutrients, inflammation in muscles
  • Fatigue = Body unable to rest and repair properly
  • Throwing up = Rejecting foods chosen
  • Film on my tongue which smelt (also horrific) = Yeast build up (Candida), acidic diet
  • Acne, painful zits = Body attempting to detox, inflammation
  • Rashes and dry skin = Sensitive to food and dehydration
  • Blood shot eyes = Not enough sleep, dehydration
  • Headaches = Dehydration, tiredness and stress on the back of neck
  • Inability to concentrate = Tiredness, chemical imbalance in brain and gut
  • Emotional distress and uncontrollable temper = Chemical imbalance in brain and gut
  • Decreased sex drive = Hormonal stress affecting libido
  • Insomnia = Adrenal fatigue, increased cortisol levels

Instead of addressing the issue and understanding why this was happening to me, I decided to take the fastest route possible of using medical help or medications to deal with the symptoms. Developing the mentality “I’ll be fine”…. yeah right!


In closing, Symptoms are not normal, they are our bodies’ message warning you that something is not correct. If you believe manufactured pills are ever the cure then you are unfortunately mistaken. What we need to do is rebuild our relationship with our bodies.

“Health must be looked at as a systemic natural state” DR. John Bergman.