I thought it would be a good idea to give everyone an idea of how and why I am in the person I am today.

This journey begins way back (1999 to be exact). I was the tender age of 14 and beginning my quest to be a professional football player.  I was doing reasonably well playing for Newcastle United youth (on trial) against Sunderland (local rivals).  I remember warming up and knowing something wasn’t quite right; the inside of my left knee was sore and I was unable to move freely.  I felt like I had to play no matter what in order to fulfil my dream and sign a contract for my beloved Newcastle United.  As it turned out that was huge mistake.  As with many young athletes who do not look at the big picture, I decided to play without telling anyone about my condition.  To my surprise and relief I was playing extremely well, then all of sudden disaster struck.  My knee twisted and I was on the floor in agony GAME OVER!  Days later, I saw the team physiotherapist to find out that I had torn my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and had to have treatment ASAP.  I never ended up getting that contract I had desired, what I did get was a lot more trips to physiotherapists, chiropractors, specialists and anyone else who could potentially fix me.  This being said, during my football career I did get to represent my country in two tournaments and played semi-professional football.  Unfortunately there was always one issue, whenever I was on form my injuries would always return to haunt me.

Fast forwarding my timeline to 2012, I am living in New Zealand (because of a football opportunity), my body and mind were working hand in hand and was pretty happy from what I can recall. It was 5am on 24 February and I remember waking up to see messages, missed calls and voice mail telling me that my dad was rushed into hospital, had fallen into a coma and the outcome was not looking good at all.  As you can imagine my head was all over the place.  Before I knew it I was on the next flight back to the UK.  I remember seeing him and not being able to recognise him with tubes all over his face and body.  I was so sure that he was going to pull through, this was not the case and 4 days later he was gone.  When I got that news I remember my temper hitting boiling point and screaming at the top of voice.  Seconds later I ran out of the hospital and a pain that I have never experienced took over.  The reality of the situation had just slapped me across my face as I sat crying my heart out on the floor, absolutely devastated.  My dad (aka Superman) was gone and the last time we were in the same room was two years prior, I left him at the airport excited about my new adventure in New Zealand. Having my life turned upside down I had to fly back to New Zealand two days later. Responsibilities were waiting for me, being a self-employed personal trainer with bills to pay.  Everything was a struggle: jet lagged, heartbroken, sleep deprived and concerned about my financial situation.